Journey To Silius

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Every so often I get those nostalgic 8-bit game music flashbacks that manage to relentlessly loop until that audio itch is scratched via Youtube. Journey To Silius probably had the most underrated NES game score ever conceived. Gameplay was your standard run and gun sidescroller, but the music was such a motivating component of the experience that it was simply a goal reaching other levels just to hear the next set of tunes. The tones a very comparable to the first stage of Double Dragon and even resonate some of the same energy of stages in Mega Man 2 including others in the Capcom library.

The selections above start with the title theme through the second stage (a personal favorite). Enjoy!

"The game was noted for unusually strong music (composed by Naoki Kodaka) for an 8-bit title. The NES DPCM channel was used for sampled bass tones, a choice which was unusual for NES compositions and lent the soundtrack a much thicker timbre.

The sound effects also showed up before in the past sunsoft games, specifically Blaster Master and Fester's Quest."


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