New Beginnings

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blogging... occasionally it crossed my mind to make the leap towards exposing my thoughts with cyberspace at large, but as the second half of my life has taken a realignment, this became practically necessary. I suppose the incentive in this case, is to use this tool as a sort of a reflective mechanism to stimulate the creative vibes that feel as though they're slipping away. They were once so omnipresent during the days of art school and extracurricular experimentation, but in these past few months I feel as though we've become distant strangers. In turn, I'll be compiling all things art, design, video games/interactive media, music, philosophy, and perhaps life too! The image on the left was taken (post processed in photoshop) with my new Nikon D-300 SLR, a very costly beast but again another necessary tool to continue on pushing the creative endeavors, especially concert and portrait photography. I found myself getting a little sentimental when I had to part ways with my old D-100 as we had many memorable moments over the past 5 years. Now it's somewhere in Tijuana - in the hands of a tattoo shop owner who will no doubt be give it a whole new story to tell...


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