A Chat With Karl Hyde

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The middle of August had triggered a beginning sequence of several unexpected surprises and events. It started with an email from my PR cohort and good mate Oscar from The Scenestar webzine - saying we've offered a time slot to interview Karl Hyde of the band Underworld via conference call. In a state of disbelief and excitement, I replied with "yes we'll take it!'. Both Underworld and their art collective TOMATO have been at the core of all my creative influence for almost 10 years now. Through the body of their work I found inspiration at a very bleak period in life to pursue my goal of being a mutant artist/photographer/game designer. Speaking to Karl gave an immediate insight into his sincere disposition though his willingness to express his views within any subject matter. It is what you hope to hear from someone you hold in such high regard. At the end of the interview we a had candid discussion about art and life, to which he pointed out "you've got to be hungry" which implied to keep moving, never stopping, always searching. A kick in the ass I needed to hear since I had sort of found myself in a rut with the current state of general misplacement. Photo by PEROU

The full interview can be found here http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/interviews/index.html


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