Cina Associates

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

-Glider by The Sight Below-

In the last several years the indie elctro label, Ghostly International has managed to pull in a slew of new, not so DJ centric music acts and with that comes the great album art work that ties into the branding and identity of these soundscapes. Which brings us to "The Sight Below" - a solo Seattle based ambient electronic act that managed to grab my attention in early 2010 with it's repetitive tempo beats and dreamy guitar riffs.  At the same time I was equally pulled in by this organic album cover done by Michael Cina Associates - "an innovative and unconventional design and graphic studio. Our focus is to go beyond traditional studio work by integrating creative professionals with diverse backgrounds and talent. Every project is treated uniquely based on the special needs of our client – one solution does not fit all. We strive to give our clients quality solutions that they can’t get anywhere else." 

I suppose I'm drawn into the piece because of the organic-terrain esque nature which is certainly a departure from the print design found on most covers of this and similar genres.


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